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Rabbits Are...

Beautiful, curious animals that deserve to live full and enriched lives. This list highlights just some of the misconceptions about rabbit care. The bottom line is that adding rabbits to your family is a big commitment.  You must...

  • have at least two

  • house them indoors, THEY ARE HOUSE RABBITS

  • have them neutered/spayed

  • provide them with an environment that allows them to display their natural behaviors

  • take them to the veterinarian for vaccinations, check-ups and any other treatment they may need

  • clean their enclosure often

  • feed them unlimited good quality hay, along with good quality pellets and fresh vegetables

And you must do this for 12 years.

It doesn't make you a bad person if you don't think that's for you.  In fact, if there were more people who really thought about what is involved and decided that it wasn't for them, then rescue shelters wouldn't be at crisis point and there wouldn't be so many rabbits neglected and suffering in the corner of their enclosure.  

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