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When it comes to adopting rabbits, age really is nothing but a number. Just because they are not a young fluffy baby bunny does not mean you are going to miss out on anything. Here are 8 reasons why you should adopt older bunnies.

1. Mature bunnies are just as cute and playful as a young bunny!

Just because a rabbit is older doesn’t mean they are not going to  be playful. Older bunnies love exercise, love toys and love investigating just as much as a baby bunny and they are all just as cute!

2. Older bunnies have fantastic personalities!

Rabbits all have their own character and with more mature rabbits, you will get to know their personality straight away. Rescues will even be able to tell you exactly what character each rabbit has. Whether it be a spitfire or a laid-back love-bunn!

3. Older bunnies binky too!

It’s not just young bunnies that dart about at silly speeds and binky here, there and everywhere. Older bunnies have lots of energy too and are just as entertaining to watch. They binky on a daily basis too (as long as they are happy!) They also need lots of toys to keep them entertained, the toys are not just for the babies.

4. They are easier to train

Older bunnies can be much easier & quicker to train than a baby bunny. With more mature bunnies, they are much more likely to listen when you say ‘no’ and are much more likely to be content with their own things rather than your things.

5. Mature bunnies are super loving

Bunnies love to be fussed over and the older they are, the more time they will have for you. They will enjoy nothing more than spending time snuggled up against you & being loved on for long periods. Baby bunnies are more interested in what is around them than you playing with them and are very unlikely to stay still for long.

6. They will settle in so quickly

Mature rabbits from a rescue do tend to settle into their new homes very quickly. It’s almost like they know they have been given a second chance and they are so grateful for this. Maybe it’s because they have been waiting longer for a home.

7. You can trust mature bunnies more

You won’t need to watch their every move quite as much as you would a baby bunny. Once they get used to their new surroundings, you will feel relaxed much quicker with a mature bunny. Seeing them so content and settled in their new home will make you feel very pleased with yourself too!

8. You will be saving a life

Not only will you be saving their life and giving them the wonderful home they have been waiting so long for, but you will be freeing up space for a rescue to take in other needy rabbits and find their forever home they so deserve.

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